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Kite Riders


Wisconsin Health News


Grow Madison

The Sewing Machine Project

The Sewing Machine Project




Home RE Workplace 2


Arch Virtual - Applications For The Oculus Rift


US Trout Farmers Association

United States Trout Farmers Association

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The best way to test an agency’s SEO is to ask for a list of keywords and to google the results for yourself. Here are a few keywords we’ve managed to get to the top of google for some of our clients. In general these results are the product of a well planned website, built from scratch using WordPress and a high attention to on-site optimization.

Keywords: Fresh Trout, Smoked Trout, Trout Farm, Rainbow Trout Farm


Our Client: Rushing Waters Fisheries www.rushingwaters.net

Keywords: Drum Lessons Madison WI


Our Client: Vinent Drums vincentdrums.com

Keywords: WordPress Consultant Madison

matt nelson wordpress and seo

Matt Nelson (MadTownSEO Founder/Owner) www.mattcnelson.com

**This is a small sampling of keywords, most of our sites rank somewhere on the top 5 pages of google for 20-200+ keywords.
***Please note, search results will vary based on your IP address.