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So why is WordPress so good for Search Engine Optimization?

Can you believe that 20% of the entire internet is currently running on WordPress?

WordPress is all grown up and is so much more than a blogging tool these days. Even big companies are starting to use it as it’s very reliable and incredibly affordable.

In SEO circles, it’s a well known fact that WordPress sites outrank non-WordPress sites in terms of SEO but we get the questions often enough that we figured it was worth a blog post.

So why is WordPress so great for SEO?’

Search engines know what they’re looking at

Google has been indexing WordPress sites for years. Their algorithms know exactly where to look for the information that they want to display in their search results.

The good news is that we know where they look for data too, which gives us the ability to specifically tailor our page layout and site structure to get the maximum benefit in terms of our SEO. WordPress and a few handy plugins make that job even easier.

WordPress is easy to use

I tell my clients that if they can use Microsoft Word, they can learn to use WordPress.  Its very easy to use. Consistent updates and quality content are the key to good SEO. If your site isn’t easy to use, it’s less likely to get updated. 

WordPress is so popular that the answer to your question is always just a quick google search away, I can guarantee that more than a few people have already had the same issues you’ll be facing. Just google ‘WordPress and ________, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find answers to the most simple problems.

WordPress is easy to update

A site that is kept up to date and maintained on a regular basis is always going to outrank a site that isn’t. Add in the time it takes to make a quick backup first, and you should be able to update your entire site in under 5 minutes.

As an open source platform, updates are the result of the collaborative effort of hundreds of the best programmers and designers in the world. The result is a fast, secure content management platform that is always using the latest ‘best practices’ and technology.

Full Social Media Integration

Open source software has completely changed the landscape for small businesses in the last few years. WordPress is the most popular platform in the world by a massive margin and the amount of free plugins, themes, and updates makes it a no-brainer for any company.

The level of integration that is possible with just a few simple plugins allows anyone to take advantage of social media and it’s potential to help with SEO.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

Most of the plugins are free and there are thousands of great free themes available. We have clients running full scale e-commerce stores using WordPress with no monthly fees beyond server hosting and merchant fees. We sure do love all our open sources solutions.

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