Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The secret to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to create new and unique content that is valuable to your visitors and to update it on a regular basis. And to do it better than your competition.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Keyword Research

First, we identify the keywords with the highest search volume. Then, extensive competitive research lets us determine how difficult it will be to outrank the competition. Thorough keyword research is usually the weak point in SEO planning. Here at Madtown SEO you be sure we have the numbers to back up our plan.

Website Development

On-site optimization is what we do best. In fact most of our top ranking keywords were the result of complete website revamps. Details like word count, keyword frequency, page titles, headings, image names, meta descriptions, and page speed, are all crucial to good SEO.

SEO Campaign Planning

Having a pretty website just isn’t going to help you compete on the search engines. Google has been very clear that they will continue to rank sites higher if they are consistently updated with quality information that is relevant to visitors. To make sure our clients are ready to keep growing, we include 5 hours of training with every website project.

We Can Train Your Team!

MadTown SEO founder Matt Nelson, does regular WordPress and SEO training in public and private for marketing teams. If you run a WordPress website we can save you weeks of frustration and get you pointed in the right direction in a matter of hours.

Matt Nelson Madtown SEO at Dreambank-small

It takes a lot of work to produce good content and when it comes to SEO, the details really matter. The more ‘keyword targeted’ content you can put out there, the better off you’ll rank in the long run. Most marketing teams are still focused on blog content, which is a great way to engage with user but is missing some big opportunities in the way of structured data for events, products, reviews and more. 

How much does SEO cost?

For small local businesses, a basic SEO package is probably a lot more affordable than you’d think. We have options ranging from $450 trainings up to $25,000+ year-long audit and implement plans. 

How long does it take to rank #1?

There are no promises in the world of SEO. It all depends on how competitive your market is, which is something we can usually identify after some research.  Keep in mind that some industries are naturally tough to crack and that you may be up against competitors that have been working on their SEO for decades.

Do I have blog for the rest of my life?

Let’s plan around that. MadTown SEO excels at finding what we in the industry call ‘low hanging fruit’…keyword opportunities that are just sitting there ripe for the picking. As a result , we’ve had projects that have held their positions for years with little or no ongoing effort required.

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