Don’t let all that hard work on that content go to waste. With just a few simple steps you can make sure your on-site SEO optimization is up to par and easy for the search engines to find.

Also, this is assuming you’ve already done your keyword research and are using keywords that have low competition and high search volume.

1. Place your keywords in the right spots

  • The title of the page
  • The URL
  • The Meta Description
  • The first sentence
  • An h1 or h2 tag

2. Add relevant images

  • Rename the file before you upload it (my-awesome-keyword.jpg)
  • Add your keyword to the Alt Text of the image
  • Captions and descriptions are a great place to slip that keyword in again

3. Include links to more information

  • Make sure it’s high quality content
  • Keep it relevant to your audience
  • Include keywords in, or near the link

At the end of the day, google wants to get searchers to the content they’re looking for so most of your effort should be on creating valuable content that is on-point and relevant to your target audience.

If you’d like to dig deeper into the philosophy of SEO and how to tune up your on-site SEO, check out one of Grow Madison’s SEO workshops here in Madison, WI, or dig in at your own pace with SEO legend Rand Fishkin, founder of featured below.

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